Who We Are and What We Do

Welcome to RC-2020

RC-2020, Inc. was founded in 1989 to create an open exchange of ideas among leaders of large community colleges throughout the United States and other parts of the world.

Our mission is self- Renewal and Change by exchanging CEO views and college practices in an open, honest and candid manner. RENEWAL and CHANGE – reflects our commitment to constantly challenge and improve services and utilize partnerships to better serve their students, faculty and communities.

We are a not-for-profit membership association of community and technical colleges serving international urban cities.

RC-2020 Facts

  • The 30 Member Colleges represent over one million urban students and have annual operating budgets in excess of $5 billion.
  • Member Colleges represent 26 cities and 4 countries.

RC-2020 provides a twice yearly Roundtable for CEOs of urban community and technical colleges to:

  • Encourage internal exchange
  • Expand understanding and widen opportunities
  • Discover uncommon solutions to common issues.

We are a self-governing, non-profit association supported by membership dues and business sponsorships. Management, program and events are determined, and directed, by CEO volunteers. The Steering Committee is comprised of elected officers and appointed committee chairs to oversee management and financial activities.

Bylaws have been developed by members and are regularly reviewed.

Our Members

RC-2020 memberships are institutional and invitational. CEOs represent member institutions in unique roundtable dialogues and college visits to explore successful practices, critical issues and innovative uses of community partnerships.

Member institutions are long-standing, innovative, large, urban community and technical colleges throughout the United States, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Canada, and Australia.

The following are Colleges who are members of RC-2020. Please click here to view all members.

Upcoming Events

RC-2020, Inc. has two Roundtable meetings a year, one in the spring and the other in the fall. Venues change as member colleges take turn to host the meetings and showcase their innovations.

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Structure and Policies

Memberships are institutional and invitational and the active membership of this association consists of up to 35 invited urban community colleges or districts.

Current members represent many of the largest higher education institutions in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

Established institutions in RC-2020 have decidedly demographic, socioeconomic and political intensities that parallel the large urban communities they serve.

To find out more about the benefits of RC-2020 membership, contact the Executive Director: gmagee@belfastmet.ac.uk

An active Emeriti Group of advisors includes former CEOs who have participated in RC-2020 and have either retired or moved to other positions.

Former CEOs may receive lifetime Emeritus status in recognition for outstanding service to community colleges and to RC-2020. Emeriti may attend roundtable dialogues, special events and may be called upon for their advice on special projects.

Selected sponsors are invited to host RC-2020 meeting events. Sponsors and their guests are invited to attend the event they sponsor, interact with member CEOs and offer explanations of their services or views.

Sponsorship options are available. To discuss a sponsorship idea or to find our more, contact the Executive Director: gmagee@belfastmet.ac.uk

CEOs represent their institutions in semi-annual roundtables and meetings in member cities. These interactive meetings take place each spring and fall and are held for three and one-half days to allow these dedicated leaders to share successful practices in administration, teaching, institutional planning and community development. Business meetings are held to govern the activities of the organization.

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Program Agenda
Semi-annual meetings contain a variety of discussion items and are targeted primarily for the institutional member’s CEO. Each semi-annual meeting revolves around a theme which is used to focus the discussion on a particular current issue or topic. Parallel meetings are sometimes held with college personnel whose positions relate to the meeting theme. A meeting host may elect to offer a seminar on the theme to include local college administrators, business executives or topic specialists.

The Executive Director provides administrative support to members and is responsible for event planning, membership recruitment, sponsorship generation and communications.

A Steering Committee of the president, vice president-elect, immediate past president, treasurer, membership chair, nominating committee chair, and executive director responds to, and advises, the total membership. All financial matters are overseen by the Steering Team and reported to the membership by the Treasurer.

Structure and Finances
RC-2020 has incorporation status and 501.c.3 U.S. tax-exempt status. Revenue comes from membership dues and event sponsorships.